Frequently asked questions

Rental Service

Where can I find the s.mug rental service?

We are currently available in Maidenhead, Berkshire and in Fowey and Cardinham Woods in Cornwall. 22/04/19

How can I download the app?

The app is available for both ios and android, at the apple app store and google play. Just search for s.mug. 03/03/19

I am a cafe owner, how can I join s.mug?

We would love to hear from you and are currently registering interest for future expansion. Please contact us via our website, or via email at

How do I rent a s.mug?

Find a partner cafe

  • Select the number of s.mugs that you wish to rent using the app
  • Press confirm
  • The app will generate a QR code which you show to the cafe staff
  • They will scan you code
  • When this is complete, press confirm

Enjoy your coffee, or tea!

Our s.mugs

What is your cup made of?

Our cup is sourced from ecoffee cup. - The cup is made with bamboo fibre, cornstarch and resin. - Naturally sterile, no plastic after-taste - BPA, BPS and phthalate-free - High grade, latex-free silicone lid and sleeve - Re-sealable ‘no-drip’ lid - Fully dishwasher safe


Do your cups contain a tracking chip?

No. Our cups do not contain a tracking chip. We know the number of cups that are rented a returned via the app. The app tells us what cafe you have visited, but nothing more.

So we will not be tracking the cup while you are out shopping. 03/03/19

Rental Service Pricing

How much does it cost to rent a s.mug?

Renting a smug costs £0.25 with 20% going to a an eco-charity partner. (See our impact)

We do have special offers which are announced on our app and on social media, (in accordance with our Terms).


Why is your deposit £4.75?

Our deposit is currently £4.75. This is returned to your s.mug app account when you return your s.mug.

The price just covers our costs if you choose not to return the s.mug.

Our s.mugs are premium. They are made by Ecoffee Cup and are made with bamboo fibre, cornstarch and resin. They are BPA, BPS and phthalate-free. The sleeve and lid are made from high grade, latex free silicone. They are fully dishwasher safe.


How do I refund the money in my app account?

To close your account, visit the My Account page on the app and follow the links to close your account.

Please ensure that all your s.mugs have been returned.

Once your account is closed, we will then proceed to process your refund.


Do you keep my financial information?

All financial information is managed by our secure payment provider Square. We only know how much you have put in your s.mug account. For more information, see our Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Contact Square, for information about their Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.


If I ask the café to refill my s.mug, will I be charged again?

Our philosophy is that everytime you ask us for a clean s.mug, that is a rental or a swap. If you wash the s.mug yourself and ask for a refill, we will not charge you.

However, our s.mug are due back in 72 hours, after that (according to our terms & conditions) we will keep your deposit.

Note that our returns policy is subject to change (also in the terms & conditions).

Why does this cost money, it should be free?

We are all used to thinking of disposable items as “free”, but in truth they have a cost of waste collection, landfill, more energy used for recycling, and impact on the planet.

Our service does cost money to run and we are trying to keep our costs as low as possible.

Our goal is to combine the convenience of a paper cup with the eco-credentials of a reusable one. Convenient - you can rent a s.mug at one location and return it to another. Eco-credentials - the cups can be used again and again.

Our wonderful cafés partners are working to keep our s.mugs clean. We are running the app, providing the s.mugs and the education to tell people about the service.

Ways to save money with s.mug - many of our partner cafés offer discounts if you use a reusable mug, including a s.mug.

In future as we grow, we plan to offer loyalty programs and sponsorships to keep our rental fees as low as possible

What happens if I lose or damage my s.mug?

A non-return charge of £4.75 will apply for lost or damaged s.mugs. Essentially, we will not return your deposit.

A partial damage charge of £2.50 will apply to a s.mug that is returned with missing parts.


Where can I buy a Tote Bag?

Where can I buy a tote bag?

Visit our shop