It all adds up.

We are counting the cups saved from landfill*.

We will keep you posted as soon as we more info ... 

Of course, we can't count the number of times you carry your own reusable cup,  which we think is wonderful too.

* Based on cups rented.  

Giving back.

We are giving at least 10% of revenues to charity**.

We are committed to giving back to local and national eco-charities. 

Every cup rental donates 5p per rental*.  For our tote bag, we donate £2.50* per bag!

* Based on items sold at full price, we donate 10% of revenues to charity when rental fees or shop items are on discount.
** Applies to revenues from rental service fees and shop items, does not apply to deposits on cups for our deposit / return system.

City to Sea donation

Looking at all our activities in June, we have just donated £24 to City to Sea, the brilliant organisation behind the Refill campaign.  #Refill helps you find a tap where you can fill your waterbottle for free.  We have used their app many times!

Thank you for your inspiration! #Refill #Refill #Refill
July 10th, 2019

UK Coffee Week donation
8. Social Media Image #MyCupMatters.png

So excited to send our first charitable donation today - £25 to support Project Waterfall as part of UK Coffee Week.  Project Waterfall is a charitable initiative delivering clean water sanitation and education to coffee growing communities across the world.  

We are committed to #mycupmatters all year long. 
May 7th, 2019