The Problem

In the UK 7 million disposable cups are thrown away every day – a shocking statistic.

Habit change takes time and encouragement. It will take education, availability of reusable solutions and incentives to deliver change at scale.

At s.mug we are working on one question – how do we make it easier to say NO to single use. 


Our Story

It started watching disposable cups pile up in a bin in Waterloo station. What if there was a magic wand so that a reusable cup was always there when needed? 

The s.mug “to go” rental service was our first endeavour.  Forgot your reusable cup?  We’ve got you covered.  Our app lets you rent & return a reusable cup, and find partner locations. Thank you to the brave cafés and people who have joined in to get this started.

Our twin tote is now ready to go - a tote bag with a difference!  A pocket for your favourite reusable so that it is there when you need it!

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