Caffeine Calling

When caffeine calls, caffeine calls. Whether it is the lure of the aroma, the comfort of the cappuccino, or the energy from the espresso, once you decide it is coffee time, it is really hard to resist.

So what do you do when you walk into a coffee shop dreaming of coffee 'To Go', and realise that you have forgotten your reusable cup? Who wins? The caffeine voice in your ahead, saying 'go ahead, you deserve this' or your inner eco-warrior voice saying 'every cup counts'.

So what do people* do when they want coffee 'To Go' and don't have a reusable? Based on a survey of 500 people in London, it seems that the inner tug of war is currently 50/50. - 50% use a disposable

- 21% decide to 'Drink in'

- 17% say they buy another reusable

- 13% go without coffee It really is time to ditch disposables. If you can't 'Drink In', there are lots of ways to keep the caffeine 'To Go' guilt-free - swap programs, borrow programs and rental programs. That's why we launched the s.mug 'To Go' mug rental service, a way to have a guilt-free coffee 'To Go'. Give us a try!

* based on 500 coffee 'To Go' drinkers based in London.

Published survey results on Survey Monkey?


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