Dust off your reusable cup

It's time to dust off your reusable cup. According to our survey 70% of people own a reusable cup, but only 1/3 of people use it as their regular 'To Go' coffee cup. Why leave your disposable behind? Some people say they have too many things to remember when they leave the house, and some say it is a hassle to carry. At s.mug, we think carrying your reusable cup is worth the effort. Set yourself a challenge to carry your reusable cup for a month - and trust us, you'll feel great!

Some results from our survey of 500 'To Go' coffee drinkers in London: - What type of cup do you use most often for hot drinks 'To Go' - 66% Disposable

- Do you own a reusable cup? - 70% said yes!

Based on a survey of 500 people in London, Ages 18-60, Men & Women

For full survey results, follow this link.


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