go ahead and laugh ...

What a fantastic day today at the Maidenhead Vegan Market. Had a chance to chat with so many people about reusable cups (in general) and introduce them to the s.mug 'To Go' mug rental service. Lots of people assumed we were selling cups and when I told them that we were renting the s.mugs, the most common response was laughter or a smile (in a good way). Go ahead - please laugh. People often laugh when they are surprised and delighted (and also when they think you are crazy). Everyone I spoke to already owned a reusable cup, a few carry theirs everywhere. One woman said that when she forgets her reusable cup, she won't get a coffee 'To Go'. Impressive! Our goal is to ensure a reusable mug is there when you need it. So whether you forgot your own cup at home or whether you are a paper cup user ready to convert - try a s.mug and smile ... or even laugh.

Ready to Go at the Maidenhead Vegan Market

ps - met so many lovely stall holders!


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