GOT reusable

Much ado about a coffee cup this week spotted on Game of Thrones. A Seattle based coffee company got the dragon's share of the PR, however the cup was apparently a 'craft services cup'. By Tuesday it was edited out of the episode, although the memes will live on in the social sphere.

Fans have complained about the sloppiness of leaving the cup in the episode. (It does lack a certain attention to detail.) Although, I have seen fewer complaints about the fact that it was a disposable cup. I am curious - how many disposable cups are going to landfill during the filming of each episode of GOT (and the many other shows that grace our ubiquitous screens)? Surely they have the money to use reusable cups, plates, and cutlery on set. Something that can be properly washed and used again and again ....

In our celebrity obsessed culture, we need more celebrities of influence to advocate for zero waste. It is possible that the cup involved was separately collected and sent for recycling, but what a fabulous twitter fest we would have seen if Daenerys' herbal tea was spotted on set in a reusable cup.

Celebrities have a tremendous amount of influence, and we have blogged about this before ( They influence us daily in every picture, every insta, every snap. So if we want to picture a future with a significant reduction in waste, we will need our celebrities, to insta, snap and accidentally leave their reusable on set for fans to tweet about.


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