Odd one out

Writing this blog from a local branch of a large chain café while cup watching. Although our focus is on independents, I try to spend time in all types of cafés watching people, or more accurately, watching cups. So this morning I am writing and watching. Literally everyone sitting inside this café is drinking from a disposable cup ... cue the angry faced emojis.

At s.mug we set out to solve a problem, help people say no to disposable cups. Our 'To Go' mug rental service is designed to provide a reusable cup for people who forgot theirs at home. We talked to lots of coffee lovers and learned that many just do not remember to bring their reusable cup every time they need one and others find it awkward or inconvenient to carry their cup everywhere they go. We felt this was the group of people most like to try our service, open to the message of reusables, but needing a more convenient solution. But what to do about the convenience addicts, the coffee lovers that just do not think twice about drinking from a disposable cup. How to get them to think about their habits and start a journey of change? Today, in this cafe and in this city, it feels like reusable cups are the odd one out. Then a bright spot appears, a tall man in full construction gear - high viz jacket and a hard hat. He has brought his own thermos and I manage a brief chat with him as he walks past my table. "It's just the right thing to do", he says. It's time to make disposables the "odd one out". Enjoy your bank holiday and when you head back to work tomorrow, try something new, say NO to disposable cups.

ps. People do not always respond well to a request to photograph their disposable coffee cup, so thank you to those who allowed me to photograph their cups and thank you to the lady who let me "borrow" her coffee to photograph beside my laptop.


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