Our name

It started as sustainable mug, and then became s.mug. A bit of cheeky attitude combined with what for us is a bold mission - make it easier to make the effort to say no to disposables. Habit change takes time and we all need a friendly nudge, and sometimes a giant shove to create lasting change. For decades, we have been building deeply ingrained habits that 'To Go' containers can be thrown in the rubbish and someone else will deal with the problem. It is time for new behaviours.

We are going to try some new things, all in the name of making it easier. There will be a bit of effort, but we think that effort is worth it. For us personally, there has been a disproportionate sense of satisfaction having achieved our first year of using zero disposable cups, and believe us, we still drank coffee 'To Go', LOTS OF IT! So join us, get out that reusable cup and help create the s.mug revolution.


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