Reusable Revolution

How do you combine the convenience of a paper cup with the eco-benefits of a reusable one? 2.5 Billion disposable cups are thrown away in the UK every year!* There are discounts, double stamps and plenty of incentives. Judging by the number of paper cups I saw on my train journey into London on Saturday, the paper cups are still piling up. Why? Because they are convenient.

And then there is the reusable 'To Go' cup for hot drinks. Many of us own one (some of us probably own more than one), but we forget, or sometimes we just don't want to carry it with us all day. Last week we started the trial phase of the s.mug 'To Go' mug rental service - trying to combine the convenience of a disposable cup with the eco-benefits of a reusable one. The service brings together lovely reusable 'To Go' mugs, an App and like minded cafés. The App manages the deposit, return and rental fee. We like to think that its superpower is to enable like-minded independent cafés to work together as a network. So you can rent a s.mug at one of our partner cafés and return your s.mug to another café in the network. It's a bit like creating circles for the circular economy. s.mug is just getting start and we have received so much positive encouragement for our message, especially from like-minded brands and people. Our trial phase is starting small, if you are in Fowey or Maidenhead, give us a try!

(*Source, The Independent, April 16th, 2018)


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