s.mug snug

"I don't like carrying my reusable cup", "It rattles around in my bag", "I don't want to carry a dirty cup around with me all day", "It feels a bit icky". These are all things we heard when researching s.mug. We also heard in our survey that 3/4 of people forget their cup, find it a hassle to carry or just have too many things to remember when they leave the house.

hmmm. What if there was a pocket to keep your favourite reusable mug snug? We can call it the s.mug snug. (Thanks And if there is a pocket, you might be more likely to remember your reusable cup! And while we are at it, let's add a second pocket for your water bottle or your brolly. The pockets are 16 centimeters in diameter and fit most popular reusable cups and water bottles. Of course if you carry a giant travel mug with you, do let us know if we need to make the pocket bigger!


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